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Observational sketches from last week. Bought new pens and watercolors! This will make my sketchbook into a rainbow. 

I got to touch a flamingo for the first time. tee hee. 

Nat - Yo - CHEESE!!

This is Natalie. She’s a gator made of nacho-ness and cheessssyieyygoodness. I really want a quesadilla right now! 

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I don’t understand why people are hating on the new style. It’s beautiful! maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer. Not going to lie writing is better then a lot of other shows out there. IDK why there is so many haters. 

Audrey Aquino on Behance

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! For the love and support on my Behance page.  Thanks for all the followers and the appreciates.